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The Formalization of Jamaican Patios/Patwa

For more than a century Jamaicans are taught to reject their cultural dialect and embrace British english in order to gain economic, social and...

Differences in Opinion for the Fight for Equality

To understand what lead to the social state of the African American race during the early 20th century, one must understand the history of...

Grassroots Resistance For Change

After the events of the last election, community engagement became very important. Right now across the nation thousands, maybe millions of people are organizing...

A Role In Life from the Routines of Life

Throughout human existence, there have never been a standard to which one must live, however humans are destined to become victims of recurring routines. One...
Library of Congress

African American Heritage: African American Protest During World War II

Half a million African Americans served in Europe during World War II but regardless of the number, they faced mounting racial discrimination by those they serve with.

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AG’s office lets five consultants go

Five consultants were dismissed from the Office of the Attorney General at the end of July as a result of a needs assessment, Attorney...

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